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Allcast Precast is the original manufacturer of the circular concrete plunge pool. We have been creating these precast pools since 2012 and have sold thousands of pools to residential builders, developers, owner builders, renovators, landscapers and also through our distributors Australia wide direct to the public. Each state/territory has different pool regulations so we would suggest checking with your local council the restrictions prior to undertaking any of the below.

Thinking of purchasing a plunge pool? Here is our guide to get the ball rolling.

  1. Ask us for a quote and our information pack or contact one our qualified installers in your area
  2. Place pool order with a 50% deposit. Select pool options: layout, tiling selection, filtration etc.
  3. Lodge Form 15 certificate with Council or Building Certifier (you will need someone with a state builders/pool license to sign off installation—your installer can arrange this for you)
  4. Your plunge pool is manufactured and customised in the factory (please allow a minimum of 5-6 weeks for this to take place—lead times vary).
  5. Customer/installer/builder to excavate/prepare hole (as per site preparation and delivery sheets provided).
  6. Allcast Precast will deliver and crane the pool into position if access allows (and within our delivery zone) or external crane positions pool (owners to organise).
  7. You engage a qualified plumber/installer/builder to set-up filtration.
  8. You engage a qualified electrician to earth pool and fit pool light transformer.
  9. Complete your decking/fencing/landscaping as per your design.
  10. Final compliance check with council and certifier.
  11. Ready to swim! Enjoy your beautiful plunge pool for years to come.


What size pools do you make?

Please refer to our brochure or check out our full range here.

Do you make pools to size?

We offer a range of 6 plunge pools in several shapes and sizes. As these pools are precast we can not offer specific sizing requests.

Can I purchase a plunge pool shell only—no tiles?

No. We supply all of our plunge pools fully tiled.

Do you offer filtration packages, or can we supply our own?

We offer filtration packages through Waterco and prices will be included as an option on your quote.

Do you do the installation?

Allcast Precast are the manufacturer of the plunge pool, we do not do the installation on site. Please contact our office on 07 5442 2522 to find your local authorised installer. Additionally, any qualified builder or pool builder, can organise installation for you.

Can you heat your plunge pools?

 Yes. At time of customisation heating provisions can be installed. We can also supply you with heat pump options. Check out the Waterco heating calculator for an indication on heating temperatures, running times and costs.

Can your plunge pools be used as spas?

All of our plunge pools are customisable and can be set-up for spa use. Additional jets and heating provisions are available.

How is my plunge pool delivered to site?

Firstly, this depends on your location. Allcast Precast has a fleet of crane trucks that deliver our product from Rockhampton to Port Macquarie. If there is clear site access, we can deliver and crane your pool into position for you. This will eliminate the cost of having to use an external crane on site to lift your pool.

If you are outside these areas your plunge pool will be delivered on a semi-trailer (via our contractor) and you will need to arrange for a crane to lift the pool off the truck and into position. Talk with one of our team members for a delivery quote.

Can your plunge pools be above ground?

All of our plunge pools are required to be installed in-ground a certain minimum i.e. 200mm (varying on pool height) and can be installed fully in-ground.

Fencing laws are different in every state. In most states, complete fencing s required if the pool is below 1.2m. You will need to refer to your local council requirements and the plunge pool specific site preparation sheet for installation instructions.

Do we need a concrete slab to install the plunge pool onto?

No. In most cases our plunge pools are installed in natural ground on a gravel base. However, in certain soil types and locations a concrete slab may be required. If this is the case a gravel layer between concrete slab and pool is still required. Please speak with your Allcast Precast representative for more information.

Will I need a crane?

It depends. If your plunge pool cannot be delivered on our crane truck due to site restrictions or you are out of our delivery area, you will then need to engage an independent crane company to lift your plunge pool. We will provide you with lifting instructions for your crane company.

Can I come to your factory to view the pools?

To view our display pools at our factory – please contact the office to arrange an appointment. We are an operational manufacturing business where safety is very important and taken seriously. Fully enclosed footwear is essential for all site access. Our factory is located at 40 Hill Street, Woombye QLD 4559.

We are happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with a quote on our products and services.

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